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For the third consecutive year, Rethymno together with the team of Frixos – A.X.P.T.
(Safe Carefree Children Now) Celebrates World Sex Day
Health that is done in co-organization with the Regional Unit of Rethymno, the
Municipality of Rethymno and the Chamber on: “Sexual health in digital

World Sexual Health Day 2021 is a call to action in order
to increase the opportunities that the digital world provides us, by reducing
at the same time the risks that threaten sexual health and sexual
rights, with the following issues:

Friday, September 3, 2021

-The Public Central Library of Rethymno will become the “house of Frixos”
in Rethymnon that will host its hero hedgehog worldwide
award-winning training manual (WAS2019) for the prevention of
child sexual abuse “I play with Frixos and learn about it
my body and interpersonal relationships “.
-Bookstore owners are invited to celebrate the World Cup
Day devoting the two days (Friday and Saturday) to books with
content on sexual health and sex education.
-In the Port Fund of the Municipality of Rethymno (outdoor area) there will be the
World Day action poster where passers-by can
to be photographed to send their own message: “We are learning to
navigate and communicate securely on the internet “

Saturday, September 4, 2021-
You will have the opportunity to watch a recorded online
briefing by AXEPT with speaker Margarita Gerouki, specialist
in matters of sexual health and a member of A.X.E.P.T. on the subject: “Health
in the Digital World “.
-For the World Sexual Health Day in Rethymnon they will address
Greetings from Mr. Giannis A. Kefalogiannis, Member of Parliament and Fr.
Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Ms. Mary Lioni,
Deputy Regional Governor of Rethymno, Andreas Xanthos Member of the Parliament of Rethymno and Mr. George Marinakis,
Mayor of Rethymno.



From the team of Frixos – A.XEPT for Safe Carefree Children Now
Margarita Gerouki, Elena Vitalaki, Athena Triamataki, Despina Mavraki

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