The creative team of the world-award-winning educational manual on sex education “I play with Frixos and learn about my body and interpersonal relationships” is pleased to announce the creation of the association Α.ΧΕ.P.Τ (Safe Carefree Children Now). AXEPT is a non-profit association founded in 2019 with the aim of planning, implementing actions and producing educational material aimed at promoting sexual health and protection from child sexual abuse. Our volunteer work was the vehicle that started its journey from Rethymno with a vision: “Safe and Carefree Children”! Margarita Gerouki, Elena Vitalaki, Athena Triamataki, Despoina Mavraki.

AXEPT has the intellectual rights of the awarded sexuality education program.


Margarita Gerouki Primary school teacher. From 2012-2018, she has served as School Adviser of the 4th District of the Municipality of Chania. In addition to her pedagogical studies, she has a Masters Diploma in Health Education from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland (2004), PhD in Education from the University of Helsinki in Finland (2010) and an MA in Politics and Human Rights from the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Crete (2013). Her main scientific interest concerns Sexual Education. She has published a monograph and many scientific articles in Greek and international magazines while her work has been presented at many scientific conferences in Greece and abroad (mgerouki@gmail.com).

Elena Vitalaki Primary school teacher, university lecturer and developmental psychologist. She holds a diploma in Pedagogy from the University of Crete (1994) and a PhD in the field of Developmental Psychology from the Department of Philosophical Studies of the University of Crete (2002). She also holds a post-doctoral title (2007) from the University of Crete. Finally, she specialises in Counselling & in Counselling Skills within the Framework of School Education. She has published studies on the child’s psychosomatic development and she has extensive teaching experience in teacher and student training. She is a scientific associate of various programs  (vitalakielena@gmail.com).

Athena Triamataki Primary school teacher. She has a diploma in Pedagogy from the University of Crete. She has also studied theatre and drama. She has participated in many experiential learning and playwriting programs working with Municipalities and other institutions. She has attended and presented her work in many scientific conferences (atriamati@hotmail.com).

Despina Mavraki is an elementary school teacher. She studied at the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Crete, is a graduate of the Primary School “Maria Amariotou” and has been trained in Sexual Education and Leadership in education. Participates voluntarily in the organization of social and educational activities in the Municipality of Rethymno. She is an active member and volunteer in the Association of Volunteer Blood Donors of Rethymno Prefecture “Dotes Zois”, member of P.OS.E. (despina_mavraki@yahoo.gr).