The rationale of the program

Sexuality is an integral part of human nature. It concerns the body, biological and social sex, reproduction, interpersonal relationships. It is based on knowledge, on cultivating skills of self-knowledge, empathy and communication, but also on the adoption of values and attitudes that promote the health and well-being of individuals.

It is very important for all children to have the opportunity to discuss the issues above in a systematic, organized way and mainly through scientific and pedagogical approaches, since on the one hand the issue of sexuality is presented in various ways, often unreliable, in media and social media and on the other hand, some parents, who are primarily responsible for guiding their children in matters of sexuality and sexual health, may not be able to best respond to these tasks. In addition, we know that in the close family and friendly environment of a child are usually those who are responsible for his abuse. It is, therefore, teaches’ and school’s role to undertake, always in collaboration with the family, to present and discuss this issue methodically and scientifically.

Preschoolers are in this developmental stage of life where they need to be aware of issues related to their body, biological and social gender, as well as issues related to social human relationships, develop acceptable communication codes and learn to be protected from any harmful behaviors of adults. All of the above can be done as teaching units of a systematic intervention aimed at the sexual education of children.

The program “I play with Frixos and learn about my body and human relationships” is aimed at children in kindergarten and the first grade of primary school. It includes five modules of lessons for the classroom as well as corresponding support modules for the teachers. The lessons are held on a monthly basis and last for two hours, while the life support meetings of the teachers have a corresponding duration. Along with the live support meetings, this website also operates for additional educational and other material.

Play with Frixos

A.XE.P.T. introduces a new sex education game initiative.

The creative team of the world-award-winning educational manual for sex education “Play with Frixos and learn about my body and interpersonal relationships” is pleased to announce its creation new application “Play with Frixos”. This application/game is aimed at children with the aim of promoting sexual health and protection against child sexual abuse through interactive activities that bring them in contact with the human body.

This demo version consists of the first section of games out of a total of five.

The topics and general purposes of the sections in the order of their presentation in the classroom.

A. The body
The aim of this section is for children to:

  • Get to know the parts of the body and specifically the genitals, their proper names and function.
  • Learn how to properly care for and protect the genitals.
  • Understand the changes and differentiation of the genitals in relation to the gender.
  • Understand the social rules when discussing the genitals.

Β. The individual in the social environment (personal and public space)
The aim of this section is for children to:

  • Understand the meaning and difference of “personal” and “public” space.
  • Understand the accepted social norms of access to the “personal” space.
  • Exercise the accepted ways of speech and behavior in relation to the social space.
  • Introduce the concept of “internet space”.

C. Interpersonal relationships
The aim of this section is for children to:

  • Understand the importance of interpersonal relationships in a person’s life. – Discuss family and family relationships.
  • Explore different family types.
  • Learn acceptable codes of communication and behaviour in the family context.
  • Discuss the biological and social/interpersonal dimension of childbirth.

D. Social skills
The aim of this section is for children to:

  • Explore the various feelings and situations that the latter result in.
  • Are empowered to recognize personal feelings and are able to express them.
  • Are empowered to have a strong attitude towards negative opinions or views.

Ε. Abuse prevention
The aim of this section is for children to:

  • Understand the meaning and the difference between good and bad secrets.
  • Understand physical limits and rights to the body and privacy.
  • Find ways and methods of communication in case of a problem.

Classroom interventions take the form of experiential actions. Games and group activities are used while the arts and technology are utilized where possible. The aim of the actions and the program in general, is to promote the health (physical, emotional, spiritual) and balanced development of children. It also promotes the cultivation of communication skills between teachers, children and their families.

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